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Follow These Links To Other Sites With Useful Information About Professional Loudspeakers And Their Correct Use -

(By the way - If you go to one of his pages, please do NOT ask this fellow about your Altec Lansing multimedia products - he's not set up to do that. Thanks!)

    The Illustrated Guide To Loudspeaker Health Care - subtitled, The Adventures of Captain Rock and his Sidekick "Roadie", this is a fun piece written by Barry McKinnon, who worked for an Altec Lansing Engineering Sound Contractor in Canada in the late 1970's.

    Interpreting Loudspeaker Specifications - This material was originally presented as part of a four-hour class taught by Barry McKinnon during the technical training courses at the 1998 NSCA (National Systems Contractor's Association) trade show in Las Vegas on 4/27/98. It is an excellent help for those who are unable to filter through the mess that most of the speaker       manufacturers generate as specification sheets for their products (except for Altec Lansing).

    Cluster Design for Intelligibility - So many are going to the "one-box-does-all" type of system design, it's pathetic! In this article, Barry McKinnon shows the fallacy of this method, how it adversely affects directivity, and how to do it the RIGHT way.

    Loudspeaker Directivity As A Design Issue - To most people (especially the Just Big and Loud bunch), directivity in sound system design is not an issue. Their only concern is "How loud will it play?" or "How many watts is it?" Never before has the old saying from vaudeville been more true: "If you can't be good - be LOUD!" In this article, Barry McKinnon exposes the mistakes of the modern system designer who ignores directivity and goes for sheer volume in decibels only.

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